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What to Expect at the Chiropractor

Getting started

Day 1:

Your first visit will consist of two parts: a consultation, and a physical exam utilizing state of the art Insight technology. During the consult we will discuss your health history, challenges (if any), and goals. This part is very thorough because we recognize that the more we know about you and your goals, the more we can help! Once we have gotten to know more about you we will explain how chiropractic care works and how things are done in our office. Next we will perform a physical exam starting with the Insight nerve scan. The focus of the physical exam is to see how central nervous system is functioning and where the areas of stress and challenge are in your body. The doctor will use all of this information to create a Restorative Care Plan tailored to address your specific needs. This whole process will take approximately 45 minutes.

Day 2:

Your second visit is your Report of Findings visit where the doctor will go over the examination findings, answer any questions you may have, and go over recommendations for care. We will begin by explaining your scan results in detail and relating them to your health challenges. We will continue using the scans on a specific schedule to continually measure your progress and state of health. If in any additional testing (such as x-rays) or referrals are needed we’ll go over that at this time. Then, the doctor will give recommendations for care. After that we will adjust you and finish up the visit by going over your payment options and get you scheduled for future visits.

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