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Healthy Mamas Part 3: Nourishing Your Health with Chiropractic

We made it to our third and final post of our Healthy Mamas series! I’ve been going on some common health concerns busy moms face and how chiropractic can help. So far we’ve talked about low energy, chronic pain, getting sick and headaches. If you missed either of our first two posts you can catch up here and here. In this last installment we’ll be talking about anxiety and poor sleep. Keep reading to learn how having a balanced nervous system can help out with both of these all too common issues!


 #MomLife Issue:

“When my stress levels go up dealing with my anxiety gets so much worse.”

While there is still a lot to be discovered about anxiety and it’s causes we do have some insight into how anxiety affects your brain. When you are anxious the “fight or flight” response is engaged and your brain is functioning as if you’re in immediate danger even if that’s not the case. The “fight or flight” response is controlled by the part of your nervous system called the sympathetic system. Similar to what we talked about with immunity, the adjustment helps calm the nervous system and activate the parasympathetic “rest and digest” response. Getting adjusted is a great way to press the “reset button” on our nervous system by activating and strengthening our parasympathetics. As a result, we are more balanced and not stuck in a cycle of being on the gas pedal all the time with over active sympathetics which will add to the problem if you already struggle with anxiety. Some of the most common feedback we get from practice members is that they are able to adapt to stressful situations more easily as a result of their care. In addition to that our office can serve as a peaceful retreat from the hustle even if just for a few minutes a week!


 #MomLife Issue:

“No matter what I always wake up feeling tired.”

As a mom little sleep is oftentimes a fact of life. That considered, it’s important the sleep you are able to get is as restful as possible! When your brain is running overtime its difficult to “shut it off” at night and rest peacefully. As we’ve already touched on, being well adjusted means our nervous system is able to shift gears more easily versus being on the pas pedal all the time.  Another common culprit in sleep difficulties is not being able to get comfortable at night due to aches and pains. Chiropractic is all about getting to the cause, and many aches and pains we experience are a result of underlying dysfunction. Regular chiropractic “tune-ups” restore and maintain optimal function so despite the daily wear and tear we put on our bodies, we are able to function our best.

Life gets busy and we all have so much to do and juggle. The fact of the matter is, without your health your productivity and quality of life are greatly compromised. Making an investment in yourself and adding chiropractic care is seriously a small investment in comparison to the dividends it yields! In this age of busy-ness and distraction we make time for so many other things (intentionally and unintentionally), you deserve to carve out the time for yourself! If you have questions about getting started or would like to schedule a consultation contact us!

Moms: what are some things you are struggling with in your health? What have you found that really helps?

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