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Healthy Mamas Part 2: Nourishing Your Health with Chiropractic

Welcome to part 2 of the Healthy Mama series! In our last post we talked about how chiropractic care can help boost your energy levels and curb chronic pain. If you missed it, be sure to catch up here. In this post we will be touching on two more common issues: headaches and getting sick. Just like our last two issues, these can definitely sap your time and energy, holding you back from getting things done the way you need to. Keep reading and I’ll share how and why chiropractic adjustments can help prevent both of them.

Frequent Headaches

#MomLife Issue: “Every time I get a headache it becomes incredibly hard to focus and I can’t get anything done.”

Whether stress related tension headaches or migraines, this is a common issue for many women. If you’ve ever had problems with headaches you understand how much they gain drain your energy, focus, and motivation. Restoring normal function to the cervical spine (the neck) serves to reduce tension on the nerves, muscles, and blood vessels in the area. The stress we experience is not just mental or emotional but often mechanical due to our our lifestyles: sitting at the computer for hours, commuting to work, carrying heavy bags/children. When these things pile up it can create stress and tension in this area as the body tries to cope and compensate. This built up tension is one of the leading causes of headaches. As I mentioned previously with pain, adjustments are a much safer option than painkillers for this type of issue. Many people are nervous about getting their neck adjusted but there is actually very little risk involved.

There are certain pre-existing health conditions that may put you at a greater risk, but your chiropractor will screen for these during your history and exam. Neck adjustments are safe for most people, and the majority of my practice members love the sense of release and relief they feel after getting their neck adjusted!

Getting Sick

#MomLife Issue: “I can’t seem to get over this cold and I would hate to pass it along to the rest of my family!”

Who has time for sick days? Nobody, that’s who. When you are a busy mom the last thing you want to be doing is lying in bed trying to recover from an illness. Getting adjusted can help boost your immune response which can help you get sick less often and recovery faster when you do catch something. When your body is in sympathetic overdrive aka “fight or flight” your immune response is dampened due to the increase of stress hormones such as cortisol circulating in the blood stream. Adjustments stimulate and strengthen the parasympathetic side of your nervous system, the “rest and digest” side where growth and healing occur. Also, there is a burgeoning body of research indicating spinal adjustments have a impact on increasing immune cells circulating in the bloodstream which could explain why so many people under regular chiropractic care report getting sick less often. It’s important to remember that consistency is key here. An adjustment isn’t in any way a “treatment” for your illness, but when your nervous system is functioning optimally with chiropractic your body is better able to adapt to whatever is thrown it’s way including that bug that may be going around.

Caring for yourself and your children starts with a healthy pregnancy, but definitely doesn’t stop there. We hear from moms all the time about how much of an impact feeling better has on the quality time they are able to share with their families.  Making chiropractic care a lifestyle habit is so impactful and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

I hope you all are enjoying this series so far! In our next and final installment we’ll address anxiety and sleep. What issues are you facing mamas? Has chiropractic care helped you with them in anyway? Comment below!

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