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Healthy Mamas Part 1: Nourishing Your Health with Chiropractic

In honor of Mother’s Day we’re kicking off a mini blog series highlighting how we can help you mamas out there stay well EVERY day. While it is common knowledge that getting adjusted can keep you comfortable during pregnancy and prepare your body for birth, developing strategies that help you stay well throughout motherhood is frequently forgotten about. As women, we oftentimes have bleeding hearts and tend to put everyone and everything else first, which can leave our personal health in the dust. Don’t let this be you, mama! While selflessness is honorable, a little selfishness is necessary in order to recharge and be the best version of you for your family and those depending on you. I know what you’re thinking: it’s much easier said than done! The good news is I have a simple solution for you: chiropractic care! Chiropractic benefits the whole body, is non-invasive, drug-free, efficient on time, and much more affordable than many other healthcare options. Throughout this “Mom Comes First” mini series, I’ll be sharing some of the most common issues I hear from real moms just like you, and talk about how regular chiropractic care keeps them at bay. The first two regular culprits: low energy and pain.

Drained Energy

 #MomLife Issue:

“I’m always tired. Some days it’s like my coffee needs coffee!”

As a busy mom keeping your energy up can be hard to do! The irony in that is of course you need as much energy as you can get to keep up with your kiddos and check off your to-do lists.When your lifestyle stressors (good and bad) overwhelm your bodies capacity to adapt to them, it can lead to imbalance and inefficiency as the body struggles to keep up. In other words, our bodies have to work way harder just to maintain normalcy which can leave our precious energy stores drained. In our office we perform a test called Surface Electromyography to see just how efficiently your body is using energy. The test shows us if there are areas working outside of normal range just to keep you supported in a healthy, neutral posture. If your body is expending an abnormal amount of energy at rest, you can imagine how inefficiently it’s operating when you’re chasing the kids around. Adjustments restore normal nerve communication and movement patterns so your body can operate more smoothly. Think about the way we get our tires rotated and balanced periodically to make sure they aren’t worn improperly. The same concept works for your body. By getting chiropractic “tune ups” you can prevent abnormal wear on your body and wasted energy.

Chronic Pain

#MomLife Issue:

“I’m in so much pain I can’t hold my baby for long or get down on the floor to play.”

Being in pain holds us back from doing things we need and want to do. I can’t tell you how often I hear moms tell me they suffer through pain because they figured it would go away eventually or thought pain was going to be a fact of life for them. This doesn’t have to be your reality! Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. At IPC we focus on the whole person including their lifestyle to discover what message the body is trying to convey. This approach makes chiropractic unique and is the reason I check every person’s whole body for optimal function rather than focusing on the site of pain.  Adjustments restore balance, release endorphins, and activate our innate healing abilities within the nervous system. Also taking a natural approach is much safer than even over the counter pain killers. NSAID drugs (ex. ibuprofen) have been linked to stomach ulcers with prolonged use and opioid drugs are currently getting a large amount of press regarding their addictive nature.

Caring for yourself and your children starts with a healthy pregnancy, but definitely doesn’t stop there. We hear from moms all the time about how much of an impact feeling better has on the quality time they are able to share with their families.  Making chiropractic care a lifestyle habit is so impactful and I’m here to guide you every step of the way!

Next time we’ll address headaches and getting sick, and how chiropractic optimizes your function to combat these common issues. What issues are you facing mamas? Has chiropractic care helped you with them in anyway? Comment below!

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