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5 Simple Fall Health Hacks

elderberry for cold prevention

It’s officially Fall! Although we don’t get much when it comes to changing leaves and crisp fall air here in Texas it’s still important to change our self- care routines as the season rolls in. (If you’re not in Texas and you do get an actual fall lucky you and all of the info I’m going to share totally still applies!) Although schedules can get busy around this time of year it’s so important to avoid neglecting your health regimen. The last thing you would want is to be unable to enjoy this fun time of year because your health is in the dump! Here are a few quick tips for nourishing your body and changing up your routine to help you avoid illness and stay healthy all season long:

  • Nourish your body with warming foods and spices to support healthy digestive and immune systems. Think bone broth, soups, stews, cinnamon, ginger, etc.
  • Protect yourself against cold and flu bugs using my favorite home remedy: Elderberry Syrup! Read more about it here.
  • Start diffusing essential oils at work and home that support immune and respiratory health. (They also smell pretty amazing) Some of my favorites are DoTerra Breathe blend, Eucalyptus, DoTerra OnGuard blend, and peppermint.
  • Get adjusted regularly. Adjustments allow your nervous system adapt to life’s daily stressors. This is super important for your health in general, and even more so during changing seasons and busy, high-stress times of the year.
  • Reflect and let go. Fall is a time for reflecting and letting go of negativity. Take an inventory of the things that aren’t impacting your life positively and move on from them.

For more tips on strengthening your immunity throughout the Fall and Winter check out the Immune Health Series I posted last Fall. You can also join me every Wednesday evening at 6:15 CST on Facebook Live to learn more strategies and ask questions!

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