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Houston Family Chiropractic Care

specialized care for growing families

We specialize in family wellness with an emphasis on caring for pregnant women and small children. Our office is set apart in the level of expertise, compassion, and personal attention provided to help you reach your health goals. Whether you are preparing for the birth you desire, experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, or seeking to optimize your family’s health, we are here to help!

pregnancy chiropractic


Supporting your body through the changes.


Supporting your recovery and growth.

postpartum chiropractic care


Skilled care for babies and children.


We support the whole family.

family chiropractic
“Dr. Lauren is the best! I started seeing her while I was pregnant and she helped me immensely with both my lower back and pelvic pain. It was all gone after a few visits! I feel better all the time since I started seeing her. She has also adjusted my husband, and helped my 18 month old son when he got an ear infection. She has fun toys and is amazing with kids!”

Why Choose Us?

Our office is kid-friendly.
We provide personalized care plans to fit your needs.
I am committed to your whole family’s health.
We care for the person, not the symptoms.
Specialized in the unique needs of pregnant women and kids.

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